What do we do?   We support cancer patients. We do this by sharing options and information that can fuel courage and resilience.   We are very much about turning adversities and challenges into opportunities and inspirations.  We also encourage those who do not have cancer to join-in and continually build their resilience to life’s challenges.

It works.  It’s fun.  It matters.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What do adventure, creativity, innovation and cancer have in common?

Adventure, creative efforts, innovation and cancer have a great deal in common.   When you analyze the characteristics of resilience,  you will discover that the arts, creativity, adventure, decision-making and other such skill-sets and interests provide fertile ground to build your resilience.  For example, if you are adventurous, you deal with unpredictability and uncertainty.  You are faced with new things, difficult things, occasionally painful things, exciting things and sometimes frightening things.  You engage in connecting all your senses, abilities and emotions.  In other words, you are involved in “connecting your dots” and in doing so uncovering new dots that others never see. (that’s innovation!)  There is a weighty chance of failure and a tantalizing satisfaction on completion.  Planning and preparation are important. You expect to be pushed.  You will need to push yourself.  The satisfaction of trying your hardest is incredibly gratifying no matter the outcome.  If you are an artist or cancer patient, you deal with the exact same circumstances. Imagine that.

What are you about?

We want to better “wire-together” the components of resilience with our normal life’s activities.  Show how attitude, adversity, adventure, innovation and the arts can collectively work for ourselves and the patient ahead. For example, we are about letting the process of adventure inspire cancer patients and letting cancer patients inspire the process of adventure in themselves and others. We do this by sharing adventures, creative arts, tips, innovations and experiences of cancer patients, adventurers and creative artists.

Do I need to have cancer to participate?

Cancer . . . Heck no. Quite the opposite.  You can be perfectly healthy.  Or, you can have any ‘ole chronic illness, traumatic injury or other challenge in front of you. And, no, you don’t need to be a Mt. Everest climber or a bungee-jumping authority.

What problem are you trying to solve?

Cancer patients face challenges in socially and emotionally dealing with adversity or barriers.  It is a big problem.  Additionally, there are often physical challenges that go well beyond what some might imagine. To overcome such problems requires incredible levels of inspiration, creativity, effort.  We want to contribute to solving that problem.

How are you solving the problem?

Patient Ahead is taking a new approach in addressing cancer support.  First, we want to make sure current and past experienced are leveraged by new patients.  This means engaging directly with patients and understanding and sharing the experience.  Second,  want to not only bounce back and build resilience (a skill that can easily be learned)  but we want to bounce forward.  We want all those involved with cancer to come out of the process stronger and more complete. Third, we want to link common life activities such as adventure and the arts to the process.  We are mobilizing the adventure and creative arts community which we see as an under-utilized resource in confronting life’s challenges.

How are you organized?

Patient Ahead is a social enterprise.  What’s that? A social enterprise is an organization that applies entrepreneurial strategies to maximize improvements in human and/or environmental well-being. We think being a social enterprise model is a better, more transparent, inclusive and sustainable way to function given our purpose. In other words, a social enterprise worth doing. The following video describes what we are about. We are grateful to the Kroll Foundation and we thank them for their well-crafted message they have shared through YouTube.com.  You need to listen to this.

What is the motivation for doing this?

The legacy of experiences that enabled today’s survivors motivates us to support the patient ahead.  We owe our survival to their experience and sacrifices.  Time to pay forward.  Of particular concern is that many people do not obtain the necessary treatment and support they need.  If you question this, we suggest you analyze the economic and social status of survivors.  You will be shocked.  It is not fair. Patients helping patients can go a long way.

What are some of the initiatives being pursued?

We are pursuing a number of initiatives. Why? Because we want to learn more about what works and what doesn’t and share that.  The internet and related technology now allows that to happen.   Below is a brief presentation of some of the initiatives.


We encourage direct patient support, enrollment in things like a bone marrow registry, awareness of how cancer is dealt with in distant places, and more.  Browse through the website.  Be inspired. Join-in. Participate.

How can people participate or help?

Participate. Share your ideas and adventures. Learn.  Be inspired.  Support us.  Join us.  If you have been involved with cancer or are concerned about cancer, you are encouraged to share your experience, adventures, comments, creative endeavors, insight, encouragement and suggestions.  Inspire others.  Below you will find links and information on how to support our effort. It is that simple.

How is the website financially sustained?

There is no wealthy benefactor or any famous celebrity.  Most of it is centered around a leukemia patient struggling like everyone else.  Sustainability is an issue:  So, the decision was to be a social enterprise.  A social enterprise tries to sustain itself rather than constantly asking for donations or grants.

Who started Patient Ahead?

A leukemia patient . .  who directly benefited from the tips, encouragement and inspiration derived from adventure and creative arts.

What are you NOT about?

We are not about giving clinical advice nor do we approve or encourage such. That is for clinicians with their patients to discuss and define. Rather, the effort is to try very hard to provide a repository of practical patient insight and a hub for adventure and creative arts.


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The only source of knowledge is experience