Smart Support

Be an Advocate

Smart support is when engagement is accessible, efficient, effective and forward thinking.  We see a world where today’s experience empowers tomorrow’s patients.

Supporting the patient ahead also means going from a news reader to a news maker.
Take positive action for future patients. Become their policy advocate and engage with your Senate and Congressional representatives.

Grassroots activism begins with YOU.
It's what makes you so powerful.

  1. Register to Vote!  It is something simple but absolutely necessary if you want to impact the healthcare process and policy. Better yet, encourage those you know who are not registered to ‘get err done!
  2. Email your US Senators and your Congressional Representative: Tell them what you expect for patient coverage – for yourself and the patients ahead.  Comment on their voting record and point out that they are accountable to you.  America’s health coverage is not just an issue for today – but for every future patient.  Engage in the discussion.
  3. Monitor the Town Hall Project  for information about public events where Members of Congress will be present.
  4. Telephone your US Senators and your Congressional Representative: A telephone message – even if left with a staff member, goes a long way in sending the message.
  5. Tag your US Senators and your Congressional Representative on Twitter or reference them in Facebook Posts:  Social media has an impact – leverage it!  Speak-up about protecting healthcare and encouraging patient support for the patient ahead.  Reference #’s such as #ProtectOurCare or #PatientAhead.  Use social media as a part of your everyday constructive activism.
  6. Guide to meeting directly with your Member of Congress: has a fine guide for any face-to-face meetings with your representative or senators you can request!  Face to face meetings are among the most powerful ways to educate them about how proposed legislation will affect you. This guide outlines how to make meetings happen and how to make them effective.

Shareable Graphics for Social Media

Great Contributions to Healthcare Discussions Starts with Knowledge

Cancer patients need quality insurance coverage.  If you have had cancer, you understand this.  You are encouraged to support healthcare policies that promote improved insurance coverage – not less. Poorer quality insurance plans results in higher deaths.  READ THIS THIS STUDY.