The Cancer Arts Initiative collects, curates and presents an array of creative arts for cancer patients and their supporters.  For example, few doubt that music does not help to build resilience, calm anxiety and enthuse. Creative arts can also include photos, video, paint, culinary arts, dance and more.  You can share your creative art with us directly on our Facebook Page  or link with us on Social Media for all to see.

Recent Artistic Articles & Posts

Music May Soothe the 'Savage Beast' of Post-Op Pain

Music May Soothe the ‘Savage Beast’ of Post-Op Pain

Live tunes, singing and rhythmic drumming appeared to help ease discomfort after back surgery Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Pages: Complementary ...
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Cancer Meets Music:  Making Music From Blood Counts

Cancer Meets Music: Making Music From Blood Counts

A leukemia patient under treatment used laboratory reports to create music based on the ups and downs of  blood counts ...
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Photographic Arts and Cancer Builds Resilience

Photographic Arts and Cancer Builds Resilience

He isn’t a scientist, but he certainly loves his microscope – for making art. He also faced cancer. Watch his ...
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Stuntman confronts renal cell carcinoma with art, music

Stuntman confronts renal cell carcinoma with art, music

If you ask Tracy E. Thomas, living with cancer becomes much easier when you learn to shift your focus to ...
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How Can Creative Arts Fight Cancer?

There are all kinds of art.  Music, painting, photography, dance and more. But all can help heal or deal with a challenge.  When you are involved in art you are creating or “connecting the dots” of a given situation and often discovering new dots that lead to an innovative perspective, a meditative distraction or a therapeutic value. Art is a process you do for yourself. It can be done alone or with friends, indoors or outdoors.  Go ahead.  Be creative.  Pick an artistic endeavor of interest.  Share your art. Ask another to join you.  You’ll be surprised at the potential within you.


Culinary Arts is an Art

It’s also a major topic of adventurer enthusiasts, artists and particularly cancer patients!  For us, food, nutrition, attitude and ambitions sync-up when they are planned and prepared just right.  Related, exercise adventurists depend on the right nutrition as part of their rocket-fuel.  So does everyone else, really, but we tend not to take it seriously.  Share your art.

Latest Videos

Prostate Cancer, Photography and Roller-Coaster Management

Nice video from Yuma, Arizona explaining the link-up of art, cancer and their value together.  Funny how an initial interest can turn into a hobby.  The process here seems to overpower some challeneges.

Music Therapy Works for Children, Adults and the Clinical Staff

Clip explains the role of music and the impact on a patient.  Also, carefully observe the staff.  Benefits go beyond the patient healing process.   Everyone wins in this video including the clinical staff!

Dance Therapy: Where the Rubber Meets the Road and Healing is Jump-Started

Never ceases to surprise.  These are mostly children in this video but needless to say this also works for adults.  The broad reach of the process on many aspects of the body and mind is mind-blowing.