Lung cancer and breast cancer survivor: Wait to worry

An MD Anderson patient has some great advice.  “Lung cancer and breast cancer survivor Dian Snowden has been through a lot in the past 16 years. Not only has faced two cancer diagnoses, but her husband, Fraser, was also diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2006. (Today, they’re both cancer-free.) The couple used many tactics to alleviate stress over the years, from exercise to music. But one particular motto has helped them a great deal: “Wait to worry.”

Here’s how it works: If Dian starts to worry about an upcoming appointment, she’ll choose to wait until later to worry. She makes that decision each time the anxiety starts to creep in. And pretty soon, she’s put off worrying for so long that she hasn’t worried at all. “I try not to let external circumstances affect my chance for a sense of peace,” she says. “I need to have peace of mind to survive.”

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