Bone and Stem Cell Transplant Patients: The World Transplant Games

Thanks to a bone marrow transplant, Patient Ahead exists.  Equally, without the donor, the past experiences of pioneering patients and the ever-improving clinical knowledge of a great medical team, the transplant could not have happened. That is why we are so excited to support the World Transplant Games!

For over 35 years the World Transplant Games Federation has been staging international sporting events and promoting education around transplantation in order to promote the physical success of transplant surgery and the need to raise public awareness and increase organ donation. Through their various initiatives they aim to highlight the importance of physical activity and healthy lifetsyle in the long term management and well being of transplant recipients.

The WTG achieve these objectives through the hosting of the The Summer and Winter World Transplant Games, along with Education platforms (medical research, conferences and physical well being culture) and a strong communications programme geared to network with medical professionals and engage the entire transplant community.

You don;t have to have a bone marrow or stem celll transplant to participate.  Any ‘ole transplant will do!  Specifically:  “Entry is open to all recipients of life supporting allografts and hemopoetic cell transplants from other individuals or species which require or have required the use of immuno-suppressive drug therapies. Competitors must have been transplanted for at least 1 year, with stable graft function, be medically fit and have trained for the events in which they have entered. If a potential competitor has been transplanted for at least 6 months, with stable graft function, has been training and has permission from his own doctor, his entry may be considered by the WTGF medical committee and be allowed.”

So, when is the next event?  Winter will be held in Anzere, Switzerland in 2018.  So, if you ski, snowshoe, skate or more, better start getting in shape.

Summer?  Well, the next summer games will occur in 2019 in Newcastle, in the United Kingdom.

Want to learn more about specific events, age groupings, and previous results?  Good.  Copy and paste this:

Finally, if you are interested in helping us assemble a bid for Lake Placid, NY to host the 2020 winter games… drop us an email.